Welcome to the official homepage of Lightning Robotics, FIRST team 862! We joined the FIRST Robotics Competition in 1999, and operate out of the Plymouth-Canton Community School District in Southeast Michigan.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to develop STEM and business skills, and to instill the Lightning Robotics values of STRIKE.

Student leadership,
Knowledge, and

We will be competing in the
FIRST World Championship!
Thursday, April 18 through Saturday, April 20

2024 Game Challenge
The game is different each year, so here is a video description of this year’s game challenge


George R. Brown Convention Center

1001 Avenida de las Americas

Houston, TX 77010

Main Line: 713-853-8000

Toll Free: 800-427-4697

Map & Directions

NOTE 1: All Lightning members, mentors, family, and friends are encouraged to sit together in the stands at this event. That isn't always possible due to available space, but that's true for every team, large or small. We are a team. The only difference between those on the bus/travel list and those not on it is the travel arrangements.

NOTE 2: The World Championship includes approximately 600 FRC teams. Teams are assigned to one of eight groups. Each group will play a full tournament on one of eight fields, just like you’ve seen at our District Events in Ann Arbor and Detroit and at the Michigan State Championship. The winning alliance from each field will then compete in InterDivisional playoffs to determine the overall winning alliance for the World Championship event.

 We will play in the Galileo Field / Division. 

NOTE 3: Cell signals and Wi-Fi access are typically unreliable or unavailable inside the venue, so:

Overall Event Schedule

Day 1: Thursday, April 18, 2024

 7:00AM -  6:30PM       FRC Pits and

                        Game Action

 7:30PM*                Pits close

Day 2: Friday, April 19, 2024

 7:00AM -  6:30PM       FRC Pits and

                        Game Action

 7:30PM*                Pits close

Day 3: Saturday, April 20, 2024 

 6:45AM -  2:00PM       FRC Pits and

                        Game Action

 2:00AM -  6:00PM       FRC Closing


                        and Event Finale

                        (including Einstein

                         Playoff and Final

                         Matches and

                         FIRST Impact Award)

* Pits close 1 hour after the end of

  the last match of the day.

  Schedule subject to change.

  All times are estimated and vary

  based on the flow of the event.

Match Schedule and Results

Day 1 of Qualification Matches
Thursday, April 18

Match #   Alliance    Result         

  9        Blue       Loss  61-94

 17        Red        Win  129-72

 27        Red        Loss  73-117

 46        Blue       Loss  87-129 

Day 2 of Qualification Matches
Friday, April 19

Match #   Alliance    Result         

 63        Blue       Loss   87-109   

 74        Red        Win   138-111       

 83        Red        Win    97-72           

 91        Red        Win   115-94        

103        Red        Win    97-58         

125        Blue       Loss  107-131 

At the end of Qualification Matches, were not ranked high enough (1-8) to be an Alliance Captain, and we were bot chosen by a Captain to join their Alliance.This means we did not advance to the playoffs.

Livestream Video

Event info and Match Schedule

General Info for Spectators at FIRST Events

Events are often quite loud. We strongly recommend ear protection -- ear muffs, etc. -- for small children and anyone that is sensitive to loud environments.