2001 Diabolical Dynamics

Four teams work together as one alliance to try to achieve as high a score as possible in each match. Points are scored by placing balls in their goal, and by positioning their robots and goals in designated areas at the end of each match. At the start of each match, the alliance station contains twenty small balls. In addition there are twenty small balls and four large balls on the far side of the field which may be used to score points. At the end of the two minute match, points are awarded as follows: the alliance will receive one point for each small ball in the goal and not in contact with a robot, and ten points for each large ball in the goal and not in contact with a robot. Each alliance will receive ten points for each robot that is in the End Zone. An additional ten points will be added if the stretcher is in the End Zone. The alliance doubles its score if the bridge is balanced. The alliance multiplies its score by a factor of up to three by ending the match before the two minute time limit. Each team receives the alliance score. A team multiplies its’ score by 1.1 if its large ball is on top of a goal. Scores are rounded up to the nearest whole point after applying all applicable multipliers.

Our History

Robot: Johnny 5

Awards: N/A

Events Attended: West Michigan Regional, National Competition, Great Lakes Regional

Schools: Salem High, Canton High

Milestones: We continued this year as team Lightning, 465 with our sponsor CTS and new experiences. Learning from the last season, we came into this season with new engineering ideas for the robot. 

This year’s Smugmug: https://lightningrobotics.smugmug.com/2001-Season