2012 Rebound Rumble

Rebound Rumble is played by two competing alliances on a flat, 27 x 54 ft field. Each alliance consists of three robots. They compete to score as many basketballs into their hoops as they can during a 2 minute and 15 second match. The higher the hoop in which the basketball is scored, the more points the alliance receives. 

Game Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfvewJn0qVw

Our History

Robot: Eddie (named after Eddie McClendon a team member who had passed away in 2010.)

Awards: Regional Finalists, Judges’ Award, Regional Finalists, Entrepreneurship Award, FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award (Ian Pudney)

Events Attended: Kettering University FIRST Robotics District Competition, Livonia FIRST Robotics District Competition, Michigan FRC State Championship, Einstein Field

Schools: Salem High, Canton High, Plymouth High Schools.

Milestones: Made it to the finals at an event for the first time ever at Kettering University.

This year’s Smugmug: https://lightningrobotics.smugmug.com/2012-Season

This year’s Blue Alliance: https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/862/2012