2008 FIRST Overdrive

In the 2008 game, “FIRST Overdrive,” students’ robots are designed to race around a track knocking down 40″ inflated Trackballs and moving them around the track, passing them either over or under a 6’6″ overpass. Extra points are scored by robots positioning the Trackballs back on the overpass before the end of the 2 minute and 15 second match.

Game Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYnUDaEi1D8 

Our History

Robot: Thor

Awards: N/A

Events Attended: Boilermaker Regional, Great Lakes Regional, Kettering Kickoff

Schools: Salem High, Canton High, Plymouth High, Belleville High

Milestones: This was the first year for Joe Jagadics, a former student leader and college mentor, as head field coach. He has continued as a mentor and later became a lead mentor on the team.

This year’s Smugmug: https://lightningrobotics.smugmug.com/2008-Season 

This year’s Blue Alliance: https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/862/2008